Collaboration of Intelligent Scholars 

Welcome to CIS! 


Our Core Values:

Coöperation ⚙️ Innovation ⚙️ Service 


As a collaborative team, we utilize everyone's unique, individual talents, skills, and preferences to become successful, healthy and balanced in a natural way. And within our belief in being an interdependent group, our own special talents, smarts, and abilities combined together show charm competition day comes.

This is the second FTC season for the CIS Team. During our 1st year in the last season, the team won the Roadrunner Qualifier Finalist Alliance.

We are a team of eight students. Four of our members are graduating seniors and will be off to college in the fall, and half of the team started competing this year as their 1st FTC. 

This season we work in Mr. Adam & Mrs. LeAnn Thompson's rooms. They are both Science teachers and are determined to hone our skills to greater heights. We designed, prototyped, fabricated, and programmed out of our Herobotix Station in their classrooms at Heritage Academy, Gateway Campus. 

Roadrunner Qualifier Finalist Alliance:

CIS was one of the Four Finalists in the FIRST Tech Challenge in the November 19th, 2022 event.

This year we focus work in our CORE Values: 

Coöpertition ⚙️ Innovation ⚙️ Service


While we're collaborating in sub-teams and as a whole crew team, we also cooperate with other teams within our school and outside, especially during event competitions. We all gain healthy competition from this.


Designing and developing with creativity and passion. During our meetings, our teams apply the engineering design process (EDP) as we build our competition bot, with constant mechanical redesigning and technology iteration.


Extending support to other teams and participating in outreach programs within the community.